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Hour X Hour Bath Co is a bath and body brand that is dedicated to bringing awareness to invisible and chronic illness, something that is very near and dear to the heart of our founder.

Our Spoonie Founder, Alexis, spent over 10 years fighting to get a
diagnosis for her invisible illnesses. During that time she suffered from a multitude of aliments, everything from extremely dry and
peeling skin to chronic pain. Deseperate for relief, she developed the products that you have grown to know and love today.

Fluffy body butters bring relief from chronically dry skin caused by your medication. Softening soaking salts allow you to soak your aching body in a warm bath for hours, temporarily helping you to escape the chronic pain.

Artistically handcrafted in sunny Southern California, Hour X Hour Bath Co is a physical ode to those who bravely live with invisible illnesses. Each one of our products bear a short letter to remind you of your strength and resilience.

We aim to not only provide you with the products that create the ultimate relaxing bath but to also give you a mental escape and a
rejuvenated body.

Helping you get through the day, hour by hour.

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