About the Spoonie Founder

Hey darling! My name is Alexis.

Fellow Spoonie. Introvert. Creator. Friend. Chronic Illness and mental illness warrior.

I spent the last ten years fighting for a diagnosis and finally found the answers in 2018 and 2019! Life has been looking up ever since.

Some fun facts about me:

  • I love standard poodles, I have a blue standard poodle.
  • I am afraid of butterflies, dolphins and elephants.
  • I love store bought birthday cake.

And the most important fact of all, I can truly empathize with the struggles you face as a Spoonie warrior.


About the Brand

HourXHour Bath Co was created as a physical ode to invisible illness. A small attempt to honor those who courageously fight to get through the day taking it hour by hour.

I remember sitting in my car after work, sobbing heart breaking cries. I was overwhelmed by medical issues and everyday issues. Just thinking of going into the house and dealing with the responsibilities that awaited me had sent me into a break down. I was tired in every sense of the word, I wanted a break, I wanted a sanctuary. I needed a shower.

During this time of coping with my newly discovered chronic illness and recovery from several medical issues my bath and shower time became on oasis for me. Drowning out the demands of the day, losing myself in a dimly lit bathroom, my senses engulfed by the water and scents of this nightly ritual.

At this time I had already been making body products for nearly eight years under my first brand. I abandoned that brand and concept completely and went into a new direction with one question on my mind: isn’t everyone taking the day hour by hour, trying to get to their sanctuary?

Turns out they were, people were struggling with the same issues as myself.

I applied my talents to my life and out of them products were born. Not just made but born. Born out of the struggles of chronic and invisible illness.

Every product is dedicated to soothing that initial chaos I faced.

Every product was created with those who suffer silently from invisible attacks in mind. Those of us who can’t even face the day, let alone make it through the day. Those of us who valiantly fight through, hour by hour, until they are able to enter their sanctuary.

We can do anything if we take it HourXHour.


With love and empathy,