AH AH AHHHH Buttermilk Soaking Salts

AH AH AHHHH Buttermilk Soaking Salts
AH AH AHHHH Buttermilk Soaking Salts
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Buttermilk Powder and Himalayan Sea Salt combine forces to bring you a the ultimate treat. Formulated with silky buttermilk powder and moisturizing cocoa butter this soak is designed to allow you to enjoy hour long soaks.

Pour a generous amount of soaking salts into a hot bath and let dissolve. Dim the bathroom lights, slide into the water, inhale and exhale deeply, then relax for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Lavender Powder - lavender, rosemary and a touch of eucalyptus combine to create the relaxing scent of lavender we all know and love. The gentle, innocent scent of baby powder provides a beautiful compliment.
Naked: The gentle, natural scent of cocoa butter and buttermilk. No fragrance added.

Every product was created with those who suffer silently from invisible attacks in mind. Those of us who can’t even face the day, let alone make it through the day. Those of us who valiantly fight through, hour by hour, until the are able to enter their sanctuary.

My Buttermilk Soaking Salts came to be out of the necessity of needing time to myself and I needed to soak in the hot water to help alleviate my near debilitating joint pain. 

Living in a small apartment, having a family and experiencing joint pain on a near daily basis I often found my alone time in the bathroom, in the tub more and more often. I wanted to sit and escape from everything for as long as I could. 

My problem was I couldn't soak in my tub for too long because my hard water left my skin extremely dry and itchy. That's when I developed my soaking salts and my tub and I have been in the most wonderful love affair ever since.

I hope it is the same for you.



Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Buttermilk Powder, Dead Sea Salt, Cocoa Butter and Fragrance

Customer Reviews

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Carol A.
Soaking Salts

Heavenly!!!! It dissolved quickly in the water, smelled great!!! It's a soothing soak and aromatherapy all in one!!! My body feels soft and smooth! My mind is clear!!! LOVE IT

Erin K.
A must for baths

These bath salts are so moisturizing compared to other salts I've used in the past. Leaves my skin feeling super soft after soaking in a relaxing bath. Packaging is nice as well and product comes in a resealable bag.

Bath Salts

Love these bath salts! I used them in my foot spa and they had me feeling so relaxed and my feet oh so soft! Definitely will purchase again.

I wish I could give this 10 Stars

I absolutely LOVE the Buttermilk Soaking Salts. I have super dry and flakey skin and can never find products that give me enough moisture. These salts allow for a relaxing bath but also are beneficial to my skin after leaving it soft, hydrated and luxurious. I appreciate this product so much and will always keep it in my bathing ritual. I look forward to trying out more of HourXHour's amazingly magical products. Get you some ASAP!